These blogs are my personal recounts of many journeys taken in India and overseas in last two decades plus a few years. My job in the travel industry as well as my interest in photography has taken me far and wide, primarily to places and festivals that are not run-of-the-mill.  I have been fortunate to take time off my business schedules to enjoy a stroll in a park or cycle down in narrow lanes to absorb the local ambiance and explore local sites in the best possible way.  They say ‘traveling is like falling in love, the world is made new’.  Many a times I have traveled alone when I didn’t have company.  With a camera in hand, an eye for detail and an interest in new people and places, one can never really be alone. Traveling has also been the best teacher for me in every sphere of my life.  I wish to continue to travel and hopefully write about my journeys as long as my health and time permits.

-Vagabond Shooz-

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